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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You have been ever so helpful – please pass this onto your superiors as a letter of congratulations and much appreciated customer service! I can honestly say that this has been the easiest and most pleasurable customer service experience I’ve had in… well in such a long time!
It's people like you that make me want to spread the good cheer around! I will be recommending to whoever I meet.
Good job!

February 2013

It took a week to sell my Jayco Pop Top, Mid 80's model caravan. We had about 6 enquiries and were really pleased on how easy it was to advertise. We had enquiries from country Victoria and interstate, Canberra.

Howard, VIC
17th August 2010

I put my ad up and got an enquiry the very next day, he ended up being the one that bought it too! Was very happy by how quick I sold it, the buyer actually drove down from Sydney to pick it up.

John, VIC
17th August 2010